Tim Mobley

Tim is Calisto Homes Director of Business.  Tim has over 20 years of experience with business development, primarily from the technology industry with prior companies such as DuPont and Raytheon.  Tim had a successful acquisition of a technology start-up company and is actively involved in customer development and finding new land investments with Calisto Homes.

Chad Williams

Chad is Calisto Homes Director of Construction and has an extensive background in the local Tucson housing industry including management in construction, land development, design, sales, purchasing, and customer service. Chad has over 20 years of construction experience both in Custom Homes and Production homes from prior companies such as Pepper Viner.

Margie LeRoy

Margie is Calisto Homes Director of Admin and the Designated Broker for Calisto Homes Realty.  Margie has over 30 years of experience in accounting and office management and over 12 years as a real estate broker/agent from prior companies such as Xerox, Long Realty, Northpoint, and Pepper Viner.  Margie is responsible for sub-contractor billing, internal accounting, administrative services, and office management.