Land Cost Factors for Custom Homes

Posted by Calisto Homes on Mar 13, 2020 8:58:49 AM

There are many factors that play a role in determining the cost of land development for a new custom home.  Homeowners can rely on Calisto’s vast experience in quickly (usually same day or a few days) in determining the land development cost and how long it will take to get the land ready for building a new custom home.

Some factors that we consider in the process of determining cost and schedule are:

  1. Type of Vegetation on the land
  2. The size of the lot, which determines how much area can be cleared for the home, yard, and driveway
  3. Current allowable zone or HOA restrictions, such as:
    • Height of the structures
    • Amount of area you can clear
    • Front/Side/Rear setbacks from the property line
    • HOA restrictions depending on what subdivision land is in
  4. Available utilities, the distance from connections to the new home, and who the utilities belong to.
    • Sewer vs. septic
    • Gas
    • Electric (is it overhead or underground)
    • Internet/Phone Service
    • Water (Municipality connection or well)
  5. The topography of the home site on the lot
    • Flat or sloped lot (ie hillside)
    • Determining if dirt will need to be imported in to create flat pad for the home
    • Grading the lot with heavy equipment vs simple equipment
  6. Type of soils at the home site
    • Sandy
    • Rocky
    • Expansive soils
    • Clay
    • Boulders
    • Rocks underground (hard digs)
  7. If Riparian, wash, or flooding areas exist on the land
    • Water mitigation from rain could be simple or complex
  8. If Easements exist to access the lot
    • This could be for road access, utilities access, or a pre-existing access

Lot Pic - grading limits up